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Aquatherm Lilac Pipe

THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR RECYCLED, RECLAIMED, & RAINWATER APPLICATIONS Water conservation systems are being specified and installed much more frequently as building and plumbing codes are updated to encourage more responsible water use. Most codes require that these systems be kept entirely separate from the potable water supply and that the piping be colour coded and labelled to identify it as non-potable. Aquatherm...
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Aquatherm Blue Pipe

A BETTER CHOICE FOR HYDRONICS, COMPRESSED AIR, AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Aquatherm blue pipe is specifically engineered for applications beyond potable water installations. It offers a tougher, longer lasting, more environmentally responsible solution to other nonpotable pressure systems. In addition to the general advantages of the PP-R pipe system, Aquatherm blue pipe offers higher volumetric flow rates due to thinner walls and is high-heat...
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Aquatherm Green Pipe

THE ULTIMATE IN POTABLE WATER PIPING TECHNOLOGY Aquatherm green pipe is a pressure piping system with a wide range of applications. Exceptional chemical purity and outstanding physical strength have made aquatherm green pipe successful in over 70 countries worldwide. Aquatherm green pipe can be used in almost every aspect of the piping industry, but is best suited for potable and food-grade applications, where...
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