Products and Services

  • Demtech


    Sandale provides a wide range of Demtech products to ensure your project goes smoothly....

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  • Custom Fabrications

    Custom Fabrications

    Sandale can custom fabricate a wide range of HDPE custom products from our facilities across Canada. Our skilled Fabricators can...

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  • Docks

    Docks Sandale Utility Products is a manufacturer of HDPE Pipe docks. HDPE pipe is flexible and abrasion resistant. The pontoons...

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  • Fusion Services

    Fusion Services

    Sandale’s Fusion Technicians have all undergone an extensive training regime with our fusion equipment partners. They receive constant updates on...

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  • Fusion Rental

    Fusion Rental

    Sandale keeps a wide range of fusion machines on hand for your rental convenience.  We also have Dataloggers, shelters, chain...

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  • Fusion Training

    Fusion Training

    Sandale offers HDPE Fusion Qualification Courses using McElroy Manufacturing fusion machines. Our training experts will train your personnel in the...

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  • Squeeze Off Tools

    Squeeze Off Tools

    Squeeze tools are used to control and/or stop flow in HDPE pipe temporarily. They are available in manual format, up...

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  • Electrofusion Fittings

    Electrofusion Fittings

    Item No. SIZE d L LI D A W UC 5901B004005 1/2 2.80 1.36 1.42 1.51 0.11 480 5901B004007 3/4...

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  • PE Gas Distribution Fittings

    PE Gas Distribution Fittings

    At Sandale, getting the fittings you want delivered when you need it is our top priority. That’s why we keep...

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