Aquatherm Green Pipe

Aquatherm green pipe is a pressure piping system with a wide range of applications. Exceptional chemical purity and outstanding physical strength have made aquatherm green pipe successful in over 70 countries worldwide.

Aquatherm green pipe can be used in almost every aspect of the piping industry, but is best suited for potable and food-grade applications, where the combination of chemical safety and physical durability can truly perform. aquatherm green pipe can be used for multipurpose residential sprinkler applications per NFPA 13D.

With over 400 fittings, transitions, and valves, aquatherm green pipe easily fits into any design or space. The dimensions range from ½” to 18” nominal diameter (ND). aquatherm green pipe is also available with UV protection for outdoor installations and multi-layer faser-composite (MF) technology, which reduces linear expansion.

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