TracStar® 630

TracStar© 630

8" IPS - 24" OD (225mm - 630mm)

Product Type: TracStar®

Vehicle Type: Tracked

The selfcontained machine eliminates the need for a separate power source on the jobsite. An on-board generator powers the heater while powerful hydraulics assist all fusion functions, including the operation of the jaws, pipe lifts and facer. Models are available with advanced emission control technology that meets the EPA’s latest Tier 4 standards, without the need for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

The TracStar 630 Series 2 is also available as an Auto unit that controls and monitors the heat, soak, fuse and cool cycles.

Includes fusion machine, facer, heater, 24″ OD butt fusion inserts, remote control with batteries and 12V charger.

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