Talon™ 2000

Talon™ 2000

54" OD - 78" OD (1400mm - 2000mm)

Product Type: Talon™

Vehicle Type: Tracked

The Talon™ 2000 – McElroy’s biggest machine to date? brings a revolutionary new way to fuse large-diameter, thermoplastic pipe that is in growing demand to replace aging infrastructures and increase capacity for a variety of today’s applications.

The Talon 2000 is a self-propelled vehicle with the unique ability to safely lift pipe from the ground, position it to be fused and move from joint to joint down the pipeline. It features a quick-action facer and an electric-powered indexer to accurately and safely position the heater and facer into the fusion machine.

Includes fusion machine with ultra-low sulfur diesel engine, facer, heater, remote control with batteries, lifting slings, (4) low profile rollers and indexer shipping skid.

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