MegaMc® 824

MegaMc© 824

8" IPS - 24" OD (225mm - 630mm)

Product Type: MegaMc™

Vehicle Type: Rolling

Operators can butt fuse pipe above ground or in the ditch with the same joint quality. The carriage on the new machine features improved hydraulic and electric connectors that are interchangeable with the TracStar© 630 and 900 Series 2 machines. This versatility allows operators to mount the carriage on a rolling or tracked vehicle.

The 824 was the first machine of this size designed specifically for in-ditch, closequarter work with the flexibility of smaller diameter fusion machines. It features hydraulically-powered assists for all fusion operations, including the operation of the jaws, pipe lifts, heater and facer.

Includes fusion machine, facer, heater, 24″ OD butt fusion inserts and lifting assembly.

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