MegaMc® 1648

MegaMc© 1648

16" OD - 48" OD (450mm - 1200mm)

Product Type: MegaMc™

Vehicle Type: Rolling

The MegaMc 1648 is a workhorse machine with a single-operator control system that will butt fuse pipe and most fittings without special holders or removal of the outer jaws. Hydraulic power assists all fusion functions including the complete operation of the jaws, pipe lifts, heater and facer. The Series 2 model has additional fusion force and is capable of in-ditch work with a removable 3- or 4-jaw carriage.

Mitered inserts are available for fabricating ells. This machine is also DataLogger© compatible for jobsite assurance of work quality.

Includes fusion machine, facer, heater and lifting assembly.

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