Products we carry and how they’re helping our customers.

Sandale is a leading wholesale distributor for everything HDPE. Each location has a wide array of HDPE pipe and fittings to supply major projects in a timely manner. Our strategically selected locations allow for effective service of infrastructure related projects in every province of Canada. From HDPE pipe, fittings, and custom fabricated products our locations offer it all. No matter how unique your HDPE request is Sandale will be there to help.


Sandale is a knowledgeable and experienced wholesale distributor for all type of thermoplastic pipe. If you can fuse it we can help.


HDPE Fittings

Sandale is a master distributor for a range of thermoplastic fittings to ensure a monolithic pipe system can be designed to last.

HDPE FItting

HDPE Equipment

From supply to installation Sandale has you covered. We have all the fusion equipment and accessories needed to install a range of fusible pipe and fitting products.

HDPE Equipments


Due to Sandale’s extensive history in the industry we can offer a unique range of specialty products that are highly engineered for specific infrastructure applications. Sandale’s experienced team will be able to help determine the specialty product suitable for your project.